JUIT Youth Parliament 2017 encapsulates the parliamentary bodies of the country; the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha. It is an initiative providing an opportunity to young minds to express their opinions on issues of paramount national importance while learning the art of diplomacy and decision making by assuming the role of parliamentarians who are involved in the working of the Indian Parliament. It is a platform for potential future leaders to interact and exchange views. JUIT Youth Parliament aims to educate one about the standard rules and procedures that our parliament observes and in the process, inspire students to #bethechange. In the 2-day conference, parliamentarians will be assigned as Members of Parliament, and utilize their full potential to represent their respective constituency, party and nation. JYP provides the best platform for parliamentarians to exchange inspirational ideas and cooperate with one another to achieve the ultimate aim behind this endeavour i.e., to come up with pragmatic ideas in the form of Resolutions and Bills that hold the potential to be forwarded to the actual law-makers of the country. The press ensures the council never gets mundane and being a part of the press will also expose one to the world of journalism. We're proud to announce that the JUIT Youth Parliament 2017 will take place on the 18th & 19th of November. We are fully committed to bringing an enriching experience while providing a perfect simulation of the law-making process in the largest democracy of the world.


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Dates for JUIT Youth Parliament are 18 and 19 November at JUIT Vaknaghat. For more Details regarding date and venue Contact us.

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Councils & Agendas

Lok Sabha - Comprehensive Review of the policy of Demonetisation.

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